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Aptly named after the Greek Goddess of wisdom, this dog is also the ideal of athleticism! Watching her run and jump and fetch balls, one can’t help but admire her lean, sinewy muscular build and incredible coordination. She is also smart, eager to please, and easy to teach – not to mention loyal and affectionate.  She knows all the essential commands, “come,” “stay,” “leave it,” “sit,” “wait, “lie down,” and “shake” (OK, maybe the last one isn’t essential).  If she seems excited and hyperactive when you first meet her, well, how else would a dog like that react to being cooped up in a kennel most of the day?  She has been here way too long!  She does pull on the leash, but not with her gentle leader, and she heels nicely and trots beside you like a refined lady if you slide her collar up below her jaw and lift straight up (transformed like magic!).  When she is walked like that for a while she starts to settle down and doesn’t pull.  She sometimes barks to get attention, but gives up quickly if you react to that by turning your back on her, and she just needs to learn that does not work with her master.  With a little consistent training this dog would be a real prize for whatever you need, companionship, protection, a playmate for your dog, a fantastic acrobat to show off to your friends, all of the above, or just about anything else!!  If there were dog Olympics, this girl would be a gold-medal contender!  Athena will bring endless fun and positive energy to her new home. My ID number is: 61849

Where can you find me?

I am at the Escondido location. You can contact me by:
Phone: (760)888-BARK (2275)

Escondido Humane Society
3450 East Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027