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Pit Bull Adoptions, SD Humane Society

Did you know that Pit Bulls have been called “Nanny Dogs” since they are so good with children?

Did you know that Petey in the Little Rascals was a Pit Bull?

Did you know that Pit Bulls are common therapy dogs?  They are helping in senior centers and also helping people with emotional and physical turmoil.

Did you know that Pit Bulls were the mascot in both World War I and World War II?

Did you know that Sgt. Stubby was a Pit Bull and a war hero?  Stubby was wounded in action twice, he saved his entire platoon by warning them of a poison gas attack and he single handedly captured a German spy.

Did you know that Pit Bulls commonly have the highest scores on the American Temperament Test with an average score above 83%? They score higher than Poodles, Golden Retrievers and most other breeds.

Take a chance and Adopt a Pit Bull or Pit Bull Mix.  You will never regret it.  We now have a 1/2 Dalmatian 1/2 Pit Bull and a 1/2 Great Dane 1/2 Pit Bull.  They are both loving, fun and protective dogs.  Archie (Dal/Pit) protects my entire family but he really stands beside my daughter.  He sleeps with her and looks out for her.  It’s amazing.  Our new Pit Mix, Max is a character and so far he is a pretty awesome puppy just with a few lessons to learn (like what to chew and what not to chew, respect other dogs….you know what every puppy needs to learn.)

Take a look at a Pit Bull or Pit Bull Mix.  They are truly great dogs and perfect with kids. They live up to the name of being a “Nanny Dog.”

Pit Bulls, American Stafford Terriers,

(Reprint Courtesy of San Diego Humane Society – San Diego & North County Campus)

“The purpose of this pit bull campaign is to help everyone see what loving companions pit bulls can make when given the right training, care and environment. We hope to also reinforce the bond between pit bulls and their owners, while promoting pit bull adoptions.”   – Dr. Gary Weitzman, President and CEO

Adopt a Pit

  • Waived adoption fees for pit bull mixes
  • Free meal certificate from San Diego Home Cooking for the first 200 dog adopters (any breed)

Spoil your Pit

  • Free engraved name tags for pit bull mixes
  • Free microchipping for pit bull mixes
  • 30% off Sensation Harness, 50% off if you trade in your choke or prong type collar for pit bull mixes (dog must be present for the harness fitting)
  • Free one year license (Oceanside and Vista) for pit bull mixes

Pit Events

Bully Beauty Contest Date: Saturday, October 20th
Location: North Campus Dog Park 2905 San Luis Rey Road in Oceanside Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm
You are invited to join us as we honor a special group of pit bulls and their owners during our Bully Beauty Contest starting at 11:30am.  The contest will be hosted by Brad Wills from Fox 5 and judges include Mayor of Oceanside, Jim Wood, Energy 103.7’s AJ Machado, Mel Makaric from San Diego Home Cooking, and Arden Moore, America’s Pet Edu-Tainer™.  Guests will also receive free treats from Hills and Three Dog Bakery, make dog toys for the dogs in our care, interact with wonderful pit bull ambassadors, and have opportunities to win fun prizes.

For more information, please visit…http://wwwSDHumane.org