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Drum roll, please: According to Truman’s DNA test, he is an:

English Cocker Spaniel / German Shepherd / American Bulldog mix crossed with a Dachshund / Bulldog mix

Here is Truman pictured with his five next best breed matches, which some of you guessed. Did we mention that Truman is a Canine Good Citizen and has been with us for more than a year?

For tomorrow 10/27/12 Truman and all other animals are part of the “Fall for a Furry Friend” Event.  All adoptions are just $10. 

Come get your new best friend!!!
Pit Bull, Adoption, Dog, What progress this smart and handsome 4-year-old “teenager” has made since he arrived here over a year ago! Truman would not make eye contact with people, didn’t trust anyone and had no social skills. Things sure have changed with the love and patience he’s been getting here. Truman now LOVES any and all attention, gets silly and goofy, will play ball for hours and loves car rides. Truman just passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test after many weeks of hard work with a volunteer pal, which means he can follow commands like sit, stay, come, down, leave it and behave himself around other dogs. Truman needs someone who will continue to exercise his body and mind so that he doesn’t drift back into his “teenager” ways. Truman is very alert and observant of his surroundings, which can be a distraction when you’re trying to get him to focus, but once you’ve earned his trust and he’s earned yours, he will be a loyal and loving companion. Daily ball playing, walks, command reinforcements and occasional car rides (did I mention he loves car rides?) will keep you both entertained. Truman gets so excited when he hears a loud truck go by or when we take a ride after CGC class that I often wonder if Truman might have been a trucker buddy before he came to us. I bet he would have been a great one. Truman will continue to grow and amaze with someone who will make the commitment it takes to build a trusting relationship. Do you have what it takes?

Truman’s ID Number is: 52922

Copy and paste the following link to see Truman on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B7PCcbjNzg

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