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Adopted, Escondido Humane Society, Cat, Senior, Dog

All are adopted!!!

Terrier Tuesday is when we feature the Terrier Mix Dogs at the Escondido Humane Society. Terriers are known for the feisty attitude, wiry coats, and excellent companion dogs. Here are a few that need a home:

Adult Spayed Female, Terrier Mix, Escondido Humane SocietyBooBoo, Brown Adult Neutered Male, Terrier Mix





Senior, Terrier Mix, Neutered Male Escondido Humane Society


Brown and Tan,


Neutered Male

Terrier Mix

Please give the volunteers at the Escondido Humane Society my ID Number: 68484.    I can’t wait to meet you!

Female, Puppy, Terrier, Escondido Humane Society

Raggedy Ann

Adopted, Escondido Humane Society, Cat, Senior, Dog

Hannah, dog, young, terrier, Escondido Humane Society


Young Terrier Mix, Spayed Female

Hannah is a young, spirited girl, your typical terrier! She’s active and loves to go for walks and play with people. Hannah also enjoys the company of other small dogs, so she would be a great fit for a family that is looking for another canine companion. Hannah’s ID Number is 68346.

Hannah was on TV, take a look at her debut…. Copy and paste the following link to see Hannah on San Diego 6: http://www.sandiego6.com/news/sd6-in-the-morning/Hannah-Tuesday-Adoption-Pet-103012-176436371.html

May, young, terrier, puppy, small, dog, Escondido Humane Society
May, Young Terrier Mix, Small Spayed Female

I am an 7.8 pound little doggie that is currently in a foster care home just blocks away from the Escondido Humane Society. I was recently found near Lake Wohlford in Escondido with my sister April. We don’t need to be adopted out together, but it sure would be nice! I’m quiet and shy, but simply adore to be held. I don’t mind a nice walk and time to get to know my surroundings. My motto is “patience is a virtue.” I need someone to help me not feel so alone. A little belly rub wouldn’t hurt! I would love to look up into your eyes and let you know how much I love you! If you are looking for someone to provide you with love, adoration and appreciation, then I know we would be perfect for each other. And if I ever get lost again, I want an owner that would come looking for me, and never leave me again. A safe and loving home is all I desire. My ID Number is: 64737

April, puppy, young terrier mix, small dog, Escondido Humane Society
April, Young Terrier Mix, Spayed Female.

I’m April! I’m a beautiful little 12 pound female Terrier Mix that is currently in a foster care home just blocks away from the Escondido Humane Society. I was found in Escondido near Lake Wohlford with my tiny sister May, who is also available for adoption. We don’t have to be adopted out together, but it sure would be nice if that were to happen. At first I seem very shy, but once you take me out you will see that I like to look around and explore the great outdoors. I am best suited for a quiet household. I might be too shy for little children, but I could change if given a chance. I love nice warm hugs and to show off my beautiful smile. Nice walks would be a plus. My ID number is: 64738

Terrier, Dog, Escondido Humane Society
Serafina – Black and White, Spayed Female Terrier

Serafina is a little girl who does well on her outings with our volunteers. She is very affectionate and likes cuddle time. Like many of our little ones, she shares a kennel with another doggie and should do well with a canine pal. She is very sweet, please come see her. Her ID Number is: 69116


  • Professional Veterinary Examination
  • Complimentary Wellness Check at Local Veterinary Partner (over 20 from which you can choose)
  • Vaccination Panel (Dogs/Puppies and Cats/Kittens only)
  • Behavioral exam
  • License (valid in Escondido, San Marcos, and Poway)
  • De-worming (for all puppies/kittens under 4 months, and adults if needed)
  • Microchipping and registration with Home Again
  • Complimentary Consulations with Our Behaviorist (Dogs/Puppies and Cats/Kittens) for lifetime of pet
  • Educational materials on the care of the animal
  • Spay/Neuter at Humane Society
  • FeLv/FIV testing (cats/kittens)
  • Sample bag of food
(760)888-BARK (2275)

Escondido Humane Society

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