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These happy and playful pooches are Dressed to Impress You!


Wonka, dog, mutt, Escondido Humane Society

wonka, pit bull, male, Escondido Humane Society

WONKA – 6 year old Male – Neutered and READY TO GO HOME!!!

Wonka………..this boy has the perfect name! He’s a big, energetic boy with a big personality to go along! Wonka has just begun his obedience training at our shelter with a volunteer pal. Once he figured out that good things happen when he follows directions, he began to learn some of his basic manners. At first he had no intention of sitting, no matter what yummy treats we offered him, but all of a sudden it clicked and his education began! Wonka’s adoption fees will include a full session of beginner classes, courtesy of Hidden Valley Obedience Club in Escondido, so he can continue his training to become the best dog he can be. Wonka would do best with experienced handlers, who focus on positive reinforcement and gentle, respectful care. He’d prefer to be the only pet in the household, but once he learns to trust and respect his new family, he will become a loyal and loving companion. Come and meet our big, goofy Wonka….he’s a handsome dude!  Copy and paste the following link to see Wonka on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhSrupY5a8M

Trina, Pit Bull Mix, Escondido Humane Society, Female Trina, boxer, pit bull, escondido humane society

Trina – 4 year old spayed female, Boxer/Pit Bull Cross – A total sweetheart!!!

I recently started as a volunteer at EHS as a dog walker. What a great experience this has been. With that being said, my day at EHS begins by reporting to the Lead Person who is also a volunteer.  It is at this time that I’m asked to take a certain dog out for a walk, usually for about 30 minutes. As with any dog that you may not be familiar with you don’t know what to expect.  This is how my first experience began with TRINA.  However, as I walked to her cage any uncertainty I may have had was soon gone. As I got closer to her I couldn’t help noticing just how excited TRINA was, but not overly excited or jumping up on the cage door. And I can tell you, I know that was a big smile on her face. I wish I could say that smile and excitement was for me, but that would be nave.  Her happiness and excitement was for the fact she knew she was getting out of her cage and getting to smell other smells and getting the exercise that she so needed. TRINA seemed so grateful.  As I opened the gate to her cage to attach her leash she seemed so patient (but so ready) with me fumbling around trying to get the leash attached.  So now we are on our way. I thought, I wonder if all the dogs are going to be this easy.  TRINA from the beginning was very easy to walk with on a leash.  The next thing I noticed that when passing other dogs that were being walked by other volunteers TRINA did not react negatively to these dogs. And the reaction from the other volunteers was not negative either, but was so positive: “oh that’s TRINA isn’t it, she is such a sweetheart” or “oh TRINA she’s such a great dog” or “she is so pretty.” Yes she is a pretty dog with that unique brindle color that is so highlighted by the sun.  Halfway through our walk we stopped at the picnic benches. It was here that I was able to give TRINA the human touch that she was so starved for and was so receptive to. She loves to have her head, neck and back scratched even her ears. She just loves to held and petted. So how lucky was I when it was suggested that I take TRINA to the Canine Good Citizen Classes, something that I also volunteered to be a part of.  At this time we have participated in three classes. It should be no surprise that TRINA is doing great! I’m confident she is going to graduate with flying colors. So far she heels turns left right and halts, and of course she sits. She walks around the other dogs without any negative reaction.  I think she loves to please and is well mannered.  TRINA and I have spent a lot of time together.  I don’t think that I’m imagining this, but I think that when she sees me that her wagging tail is directed toward me. That is so cool! And to think that could be you!  TRINA is going to make a fantastic companion. So come and check her out.  She needs to go to a good home.

Truman, Mutt, Escondido Humane Society

Truman, mutt, male, dog, Escondido Humane Society

Truman – 4 year old Mutt (see DNA Tests & Featured Post)

What progress this smart and handsome 4-year-old “teenager” has made since he arrived here over a year ago! Truman would not make eye contact with people, didn’t trust anyone and had no social skills. Things sure have changed with the love and patience he’s been getting here. Truman now LOVES any and all attention, gets silly and goofy, will play ball for hours and loves car rides. Truman just passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test after many weeks of hard work with a volunteer pal, which means he can follow commands like sit, stay, come, down, leave it and behave himself around other dogs. Truman needs someone who will continue to exercise his body and mind so that he doesn’t drift back into his “teenager” ways. Truman is very alert and observant of his surroundings, which can be a distraction when you’re trying to get him to focus, but once you’ve earned his trust and he’s earned yours, he will be a loyal and loving companion. Daily ball playing, walks, command reinforcements and occasional car rides (did I mention he loves car rides?) will keep you both entertained. Truman gets so excited when he hears a loud truck go by or when we take a ride after CGC class that I often wonder if Truman might have been a trucker buddy before he came to us. I bet he would have been a great one. Truman will continue to grow and amaze with someone who will make the commitment it takes to build a trusting relationship. Do you have what it takes?

Nadia, Pit bull mix, escondido humane society

Nadia, pit bull mix, Escondido Humane Society

Nadia – Pit bull mix, young spayed female.  Lot’s of fun!

This beautiful girl with the brindle and white coat is Nadia. She’s a real spitfire who probably didn’t have a lot of rules in her “before” life….but all that is changing now. Nadia has started her new life as a student in our shelter Canine Good Citizen class, with a volunteer pal who has been committed to helping her learn some basic obedience commands. And it’s all paying off, because Nadia has passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen Test! She is still a bit shy around new people, and may bark or be reserved when she first meets you. But give her a little time and treat her gently…she will soon come around. She is a loving and friendly pal once she gets acquainted. Nadia has recently been going on some “adventure days” to help her learn more about that great big world out there. She seems to love riding in the car, and she is eager to go where you go: hiking, jogging, looking for lizards, you name it!  Nadia is that perfect “not too big, not too small” size, but she IS a high energy dog, so she will do best with a dog savvy family who will continue her training and include her in lots of activities. She DOES like to chase things that move, so she might not be a cat’s favorite pal.  Nadia’s adoption fees will include a full session of beginner classes, courtesy of Hidden Valley Obedience Club in Escondido. All she needs now is her very own family and a place to hang her leash! Copy and paste the following link to see Nadia on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on5-PuOJSns

Estelle, Pit Bull, Dog, Female, Mutt, Escondido Humane Society

Estelle, Pit bull mix, mutt, female, Escondido Humane Society

Estelle, fun dog, loving, pit bull, mutt, Escondido Humane Society

Estelle – young spayed female, pit bull mix.  Young and Fun + Pretty as a Picture! Featured Earlier in October – See Blog Posting

This beautiful black and white lady is full of energy and intelligence. Many of the volunteers at the shelter believe she may have some Border Collie in her. She is an excellent Frisbee retriever, able to catch it in the air at times. She is agile and smart, and is learning commands such as sit, down, and stay quickly. Estelle is treat motivated and would love to be part of daily fun and games to keep her mind and body challenged and exercised. Estelle would love to go for runs, hikes, and outdoor fun you will venture to take her on. This beautiful dog has a soft silky coat that shines in the sun along with her vivacious personality. Structure and training are an ideal part of Estelle’s new home. She will keep you on your toes and smiling. Estelle has done very well with her canine playmates and may enjoy having another dog in her new home. If you are looking for a strong intelligent dog who will bring excitement and fun to your family, Estelle is the girl for you!

Here is what her volunteer pal says about her:

Estelle would probably get along with other dogs pretty well, in my experience she seems relatively dog-social.  She didn’t like going in the creek/getting her feet wet at first, but she warmed up to it and went in when she saw us and some funny English bulldogs doing it. Seems like she had never been around water before, other than in a bowl or a bath. She was very timid and didn’t want to get in the car at first, but it wasn’t too hard to coax her in and she
did very well riding around. She knows all the essential commands and is smart, affectionate, and treat motivated. She would probably do well with kids, as she has a very “soft mouth” and is generally gentle. She pulls a little sometimes but isn’t hard to walk (she doesn’t drag you around and responds when you correct her). She probably wouldn’t do well with cats, as she chases little critters. She is not much of a barker when outside EHS, that is always a good thing. She may look like your “BBD” (basic black dog) at first glance, but her perky little ears, white “socks,” and endearing personality sets her apart.  Copy and paste the following link to see Estelle and her best canine friend Aston on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsG-8-P0QqQ&feature=youtu.be


  • Professional Veterinary Examination
  • Complimentary Wellness Check at Local Veterinary Partner (over 20 from which you can choose)
  • Vaccination Panel (Dogs/Puppies and Cats/Kittens only)
  • Behavioral exam
  • License (valid in Escondido, San Marcos, and Poway)
  • De-worming (for all puppies/kittens under 4 months, and adults if needed)
  • Microchipping and registration with Home Again
  • Complimentary Consultations with Our Behaviorist (Dogs/Puppies and Cats/Kittens) for lifetime of pet
  • Educational materials on the care of the animal
  • Spay/Neuter at Humane Society
  • FeLv/FIV testing (cats/kittens)
  • Sample bag of food
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