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Estelle, Escondido Humane Society, playful, Frisbee retriever,

Estelle, Available for Adoption at Escondido Humane Society

Adopted, EHS, Animal Control Carlsbad

Estelle is going to be on TV tomorrow (Friday 2/8.12). Don’t you want a STAR in your home? She is a great girl and deserves a forever home.

From the Escondido Humane Society:
Estelle is making her TV debut tomorrow morning on @SanDiego6.  Be sure to tune in @ 8:45am! w/@sdshelters

Tune in to watch! Tell everyone to watch!!! We first profiled Estelle in October and months later she is still looking for her own family. Please help her find a home.  Take a look at her video.  The sad part is her friend got a home and a year later Estelle still doesn’t have a home of her own.  Give yourself a wonderful present of Unconditional Love from Estelle.

Located at: Escondido Humane Society

A Little Bit About Estelle:
This beautiful black and white lady is full of energy and intelligence. Many of the volunteers at the shelter believe she may have some Border Collie in her. She is an excellent Frisbee retriever, able to catch it in the air at times. She is agile and smart, and is learning commands such as sit, down, and stay quickly. Estelle is treat motivated and would love to be part of daily fun and games to keep her mind and body challenged and exercised. Estelle would love to go for runs, hikes, and outdoor fun you will venture to take her on. This beautiful dog has a soft silky coat that shines in the sun along with her vivacious personality. Structure and training are an ideal part of Estelle’s new home. She will keep you on your toes and smiling. Estelle has done very well with her male pity playmate Patches and may enjoy having another dog in her new home. If you are looking for a strong intelligent dog who will bring excitement and fun to your family, Estelle is the girl for you!

Here is what her volunteer pal says about her:

Estelle would probably get along with other dogs pretty well, in my experience she seems relatively dog-social. She didn’t like going in the creek/getting her feet wet at first, but she warmed up to it and went in when she saw us and some funny English bulldogs doing it. Seems like she had never been around water before, other than in a bowl or a bath. She was very timid and didn’t want to get in the car at first, but it wasn’t too hard to coax her in and she did very well riding around. She knows all the essential commands and is smart, affectionate, and treat motivated. She would probably do well with kids, as she has a very “soft mouth” and is generally gentle. She pulls a little sometimes but isn’t hard to walk (she doesn’t drag you around and responds when you correct her). She probably wouldn’t do well with cats, as she chases little critters. She is not much of a barker when outside EHS, that is always a good thing. She may look like your “BBD” (basic black dog) at first glance, but her
perky little ears, white “socks,” and endearing personality sets her apart.

Phone: (760)888-BARK(2275)
Escondido Humane Society
3450 East Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027