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AnimalsNeedAHome.com Paws In The Park Walk

It’s that time of year again.  The soccer balls are away, the baseballs and bats are out and we are just over a month from our annual fundraiser for Escondido Humane Society.   This past year has been a blessing and heartache at the same time.  We had to say goodbye to a few animal friends but then again we welcomed Pride and Roxy into our family.  Pride (horse) rescued from going to slaughter.  She is an incredible horse and one that I’ve come to love so much.  It’s amazing that someone thought she wasn’t worth anything.  Honestly, she is a fantastic horse and appears grateful for a family of her own.  Then in the fall after an unexpected situation we had to say goodbye to Max (dog) and a few weeks later we said goodbye to Belle (horse).  It was extremely difficult to say goodbye to each of them but we are grateful for the time we had with them both.

Just when you feel lost in your tears an unexpected bundle of love finds the way into your heart.  Roxy is my bundle of love and constant buddy.  You will see her with me when we take the kids to school, pick up the kids, run errands and hanging out with horses.  Roxy was even Madi’s All-Star Soccer Team’s mascot.  She is such a blessing.  Roxy found her way into our family from a very good friend.  Miss Fiona learned that Roxy needed a new home and thought that I just might need her too.  Miss Fiona was so right and I give thanks everyday for my new shadow.  The best part about it…Roxy originally came from Escondido Humane Society.  She was one of the animals my kids have tried to help for the last seven years.  So, we walk to help other animals find their way into their forever homes.

Kit Carson Park – March 30, 2014
Join us for the largest dog walk in
North San Diego County.