Urgent need of a homeWe are featuring this horse that needs a home from Auction Horses Rescue.  They saved it from going to slaughter.  Are you able to love and care for a horse?  We adopted one and she is absolutely the best.  You can feel his appreciation and gratitude every day.  Visit:  Action Horses Rescue 

From Facebook and Megan:

This 4 yo Thoroughbred gelding, no tattoo, nearly shipped to slaughter this morning. A trader pulled him off the truck, as he is clea…n-legged and at least 16 hh, thinking he might be an easy horse to flip. If not, he’ll go back to the same fate his fellow friends just went to.
Being a clean-legged Thoroughbred can keep you safe for only so long. This horse is in the Southern California area, about 4 years old, at least 16 hh, appears to be Thoroughbred, seems very gentle, and is said to be broke to ride. Needs shoes.
Need to find this big, gentle gelding a rescue home ASAP, if you are interested in rescuing or adopting, please email us at auctionhorsesrescue@gmail.com