Sunny, EscondidoSunny is a Boxer mix. This 10-year old likes to play fetch. He is sweet and lovable.

Here is his bio from the Escondido Humane Society.

Sunny is currently in a foster care home in Escondido. He gets his name from his disposition! He is a happy doggy of about nine-years. Originally in foster care for a need to gain weight, he has flourished since joining the EHS family in November 2012. Naturally, Sunny likes to go on walks and he plays a lazy game of fetch, too. Sunny gladly saunters over to get the ball and he kindly returns it to his favorite place every time. Sunny loves to be snuggled in his jacket or under a blanket. At night, he will give you an adorable look from under his covers. He is just so happy to be part of a warm, loving household. Sunny responds well to affection and praise, but is not enticed by most doggy treats. He is delighted to learn and regularly participates in the EHS Obedience Classes. Sunny twirls his tail when he is happy and this looks just like a propellor. Maybe Sunny should be renamed “Pilot”! He is a gentle kind dog that would do well with other dogs or children.

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