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Adopted, EHS, Animal Control CarlsbadKate is 4-year old mutt. She needs a calm home where she would like to be the only dog in the household. Kate likes to learn new tricks. Kate is hoping to get a home before St. Patrick’s Day.

Here is her bio from the Escondido Humane Society.

Kate on St. Patty's day, EscondidoKate is ready for adoption! She is in good health and would love a calm home to hang out in. She is a calm and quiet dog that listens well. She would go and fetch your slippers Kate for St. Patty's Dayfor you and play with you on request! Kate is not a demanding dog, and is very easy to have around. She just needs a nice house to sleep in and a back yard to take in a bit of sunshine. She’s a quick and willing learner, and has already figured out “stay” and “down” and is working on polite leash manners. Kate seems comfortable around other dogs, and is very relaxed and friendly around the humans in her life. Kate would do best in a home where she could be the one and only dog. When on outside walks, she minds her own business and is only interested in a mellow walk. Kate’s adoption fees will include a complimentary full session of beginner classes.

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