AnimalsNeedAHome.com got started as a way to help animals in the San Diego area.  My daughter is young but she wanted to help animals.  Since she is under the age of 18 it is difficult to volunteer at our local animal shelters.  She is learning about blogs at school so we have created our own blog just for homeless animals.  We have adopted our dogs and cats from animal shelters, humane societies and even breed rescues.  Needless to say, we are a huge fan of adopting homeless animals.

Our Animal Reporters find information on homeless animals and if they can take pictures, videos and write a bit about each pet.   Once we have some information we share it to everyone we know requesting to share the information and hopefully every animal will have a place to call home.

We wanted to make a difference in the life of animals and if we can help just one get a home then we are helping.   Here are a few pictures of our animal family:


Archie:  We’ve had him since he was a puppy.

Archie, rescued from Save The Dalmatians, adopted, rescured

Treasure, our princess.  She joined us in 2010 and came from Save The Dalmatians where they rescued her from a high kill shelter.

Treasure, recused Dalmatian,

Roxy – our newest dog and “well taken care of”  aka…spoiled rotten just like the others..

Roxy, EHS Alumi

Cats – we have a few.

Cammy – the girl who showed up one day and stayed.  Sweet sweet girl.

cat, kitten, cammy

Strike, our hunter and overall Cool Dude!

Strike, hunter, cat, orange

Sweet Pea – she is a clone of her Mom, Cammy


Shawn – thinks he owns the place

shawn, orange white,domestic cat

Tiny and Domino – they like to hang out together.

domestic cats, black and white, simese
Spidey and Oliver – well, they are twins. Only a few white hairs is the difference between the two. They came to us as fosters and have ended up staying.  We made one trip to Riverside to save a horse and came back with a horse and two kittens.  How does that happen?
Spidey and OliverHorses:

Pride – rescued from going to slaughter in May of 2013.  Now she is a part of our family.  We are so lucky!



Lily – she was born here and she and her mother were saved from slaughter.  She has been a constant form of entertainment.  She is always finding ways of unlocking gates. Lily

AQHA, horses

Ducks – we have 6 ducks. We get fresh eggs from them and well…they’re ducks. The waddle around and do what they do and poop in places I wish they never went.
DucksShhh…sleeping ducks




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