Animal Reporters

Chief Animal Reporter – Madi


Archie, Madi’s favorite buddy


This blog started as a way for Madi to help as many animals as possible.  So, now as a middle schooler, Madi is trying to help spread the word for any and all animals.  Madi has been a life long animal lover and has been a dedicated fundraiser for Escondido Humane Society.  Her annual fundraising drive for Paws In The Park Walk is now an annual event.

Animal Report – Rachel

Rachel and Madi have been friends since 1st grade and share the love of animals.  Rachel has always been an animal crazy girl and has a special spot for horses.  Rachel has a dog named Summer, two cats – Shadow and Yo-Yo and a lizard named Yoda.  Rachel rides her favorite horse every week named Romeo.

Do you want to be an animal reports????

writing a blog, animal reporterWe are always looking for reporters to help get the word out about homeless animals in our area. We are looking for kids that are at least in the 4th grade and most importantly have a passion about animals finding a home. We are happy to provide a checklist for you to help get started with things to write about but we want to make sure you put the information about the animal in your own words. So, here is a basic list of what we need from our reporters:

1. Love Animals
2. Want to help make a difference in animal’s lives
3. Good listening skills and basic writing skills
4. Ability to take digital photos and/or videos
5. Parent or guardian that will take you to the shelter to meet the animals
6. Parent or guardian that will help you email photos, your written story about the dog and any other items you want to include about the animal.
7. Help spread the message of the blog and animals
8. Be a positive role model for others
9. Work well with others
10. Commit to write at least one blog posting

If you are interested in becoming an Animal Report for Animals Need A Home, then please email us at: and tell us why you want to help us.

Tips for Writing for Animals to be Adopted:

1. Begin your description with the pet’s name, age, color, where it’s located, ID number and full details of it’s size and looks. Point out cute markings or anything that makes this animal special.

2. Take photos and/or videos. The more photos/videos we take the more the reader will connect with the animal. Include full body shots, playing pictures, pictures of the animal being calm and cuddling.

3. Highlight the animal’s personality. Write about how the animal like to cuddle or play ball. Really go into details. This will help the reader get to know the pet more. Give as many details as possible.

4. Provide information on how the animal arrived at the shelter. Maybe they were a stray or the owner surrendered the animal.

5. Provide Medical History: Tell the reader that they are spayed or neutered and all shots are included. Most vets will provide a FREE exam after you adopt an animal from a Humane Society or Animal Shelter.

6. Disclose any problems. Write a sentence about any behavioral problems the pet may have. For example, tell prospective owners if a dog is good with adults, but has a problem with nipping at children, or if the pet is not house broken.

7. Describe special needs. For example, the dog or cat could be blind, need steps to get on the couch or bed, or require a certain kind of diet.

8. Include contact information. We always end the article with the location, address, phone number, website and animal ID.


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