Escondido Humane Society

Escondido Humane Society founded in 1915 and serves the surrounding cities of Escondido, Poway and San Marcos. They care for over 5,000 pets per year. The hope is to match up lost pets with their owners, provide education about animals and ultimately give every animal a loving home.

As it’s stated on their website:

The Escondido Humane Society was founded in Escondido in 1915. We provide animal care, adoption, education and protection services to north inland San Diego County. Our mission is to promote responsible pet ownership by teaching compassion, respect, and caring treatment for all living creatures. EHS has a long and rich history of involvement with human-animal relationships, caring for more than 5,000 animals a year, and thousands more in the field.

We are an open-door shelter, so we take in any companion animal in our area without a home regardless of age, breed, medical or behavioral needs, or attractiveness to potential adopters. Our donors, volunteers, foster homes, and staff work together to create a safe, loving haven for animals; because of our dedicated community of animal lovers, we are one of few shelters in California who accepts all stray animals and does not euthanize based on length of stay or lack of space. We are committed to providing a safe haven for homeless pets until they can be placed into permanent, loving homes.

Our shelter depends upon animal lovers like you…every hour donated, every dollar given, and every adoption helps to save a life. Together, we are making a difference … four paws at time.

More EHS News:

Paws In the Park – Annual Walk




Bunnies and More

All adoptable animals get the following:

        • Professional Veterinary Examination
        • Complimentary Wellness Check at Local Veterinary Partner (over 20 from which you can choose)
        • Vaccination  Panel (Dogs/Puppies and Cats/Kittens only)
        • Behavioral exam
        • License (valid in Escondido, San Marcos, and Poway)
        • De-worming  (for all puppies/kittens under 4 months, and adults if needed)
        • Microchipping and registration with Home Again
        • Complimentary Consulations  with Our Behaviorist (Dogs/Puppies and Cats/Kittens) for lifetime of pet
        • Educational materials on the care of  the animal
        • Spay/Neuter at Humane Society
        • FeLv/FIV testing (cats/kittens)
        • Sample bag of food

2 thoughts on “Escondido Humane Society”

  1. I am interested in adopting a kitten around 8 weeks old. Are there any available?

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